All-Member Show

Introducing New Members

Carol Iglesias and Fae Penland

Reception: Saturday, July 13, 2019
3 – 5pm

CAROL IGLESIAS - All About Color

The work of impressionist painter Carol Iglesias captures the very essence of her experiences throughout her well-traveled life. She invites the viewer to share in her love of the world and entices with her bold use of color and light. One painting may depict an appreciation of architecture and in another, colorful reflections on water.

Carol’s strong compositional elements convey the intense beauty the artist sees in the world around her. Her paintings don’t just depict a landscape, but beckon the viewer in to a glimpse of someplace that they might otherwise never experience or imagine. “People often say that my paintings take them to a place that they would like to be or reminds them of someplace where they have been. I want the viewer to join me in the visual journey with his or her own experiences and emotions.”

Iglesias’s paintings vibrate with artistic energy and color, entertaining the eye and mind like a colorful passport. She is very excited about her artistic future and feels that a part of her emotional response to a place is in every painting.


For over 40 years I have created distinctive and highly acclaimed work in watercolor, oil, and drawing.  A great deal of my artistic inspiration was due in part to growing up next to a library and university that supplied constant visual stimuli and a desire to imitate other artists.  From grade school to the present, I have taken every opportunity to further develop my skills to portray work that has depth and exemplifies the essence of spiritual bonding between artist and subject.

One avenue for my creative exploration is shape and rhythm.  The best way i can tell you about the journey is to think of musical rhythms and how they make us feel.  We feel enlightened, peaceful, or curious, and the list can go on and on. I explore these visual rhythms with a variety of mediums. The focus is on poetic and musical beat of shape and color.

Some shows:

Phillip Ratner Museum

Black Rock Center for the Arts Three person show

Art Space Herndon VA, two person show, “Of a Fashion”

Represented in American Art Collector

Arts Barn Gaithersburg MD one person show

Market Street four month solo show sponsored by Greater Reston Art Center Reston VA

Washington Project for the Arts Show “Seven”

Exxon Mobil and Arts Council Fairfax

Washington Watercolor Show Strathmore Hall Bethesda MD

Inaugural art show at the Millennium Art Center